We Know Nothing: Monologues of Ice & Fire

Michael McIntyre as George R. R. Martin

Celebrated author, George R. R. Martin, has brought us so many excellent stories and characters throughout the years – but some of his creations inevitably ended up in the editing room’s rubbish bin.

In this series of comedic monologues inspired by Game of Thrones, host George R. R. Martin will introduce us to some of his favourite cut characters such as “Fabiar Frey – the Red Wedding Singer,” “Susan Sand – the Other Sand Snake,” and “Rud Oatwright – the Romeo of Flea Bottom.”

Chelsey Stuyt as Susan Sand

The three night run begins Friday, the 13th of November (what could possibly go wrong?!) through Sunday, the 15th at The Cultch (1895 Venables St).

Get tickets online, HERE.

Co-Produced & Co-Directed By:
Keegan Flick-Parker & Chris Nyarady

Written By:
Alison Ross & Courtney Shrumm

Michael McIntyre as George R.R. Martin and ????
Kenneth Tynan as Edvari (A Dothraki Seer)
Ryan Hache as Rud Oatwright (The Romeo of Flea Bottom)
Nathan Gordon as Fabiar Frey (The Red Wedding Singer)
Chelsey Stuyt as Susan Sand (The Other Sand Snake)
Al Dales as The Jackass on the Wall

Musical Accompaniment by:
Ruel Morales




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