Who We Are…

n7Keegan Flick-Parker
Artistic Producer

Undoubtedly on a path to world domination, Keegan currently serves as Community Manager at EXP Restaurant + Bar, is a business student at Langara College, and sports a fine beard and moustache!

Over the past decade, he’s been developing local independent theatre and arts projects right here in Vancouver, BC. Favourite projects include: directing with The Cultch’s Ignite! Youth Festival, producing and directing with Enemies of the Stage, and assistant directing with the United Players.

moomanChris “MooMan” Nyarady
Artistic Director

The Muppet-like Chris hails from the east coast where he did many fine things. However, stubborn as he is, when he had to move across the country he didn’t want to say goodbye to the work he loved, so he brought it with him.

MooMan has was worked in many fields such as comedy, theatre, film, music, writing and animation. Some of his highlights include owning the first issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic, chatting with Weird Al over Skype, and playing Dr. Horrible in the Atlantic Fringe performance of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

With special thanks to…
Courtney Shrumm, Alison Ross, Anne Honeycutt, and everyone who has worked with us.

What We Do & Why We Do It…

We love bringing exciting new, unusual, and niche works to life – and we want you to experience that with us. Mad House is a new entertainment event production company from Vancouver, BC, that focuses on content that’s a little different.

We’re passionate about encouraging Canadian artists – especially local creators – and giving them the resources and connections they need to bring their ideas into the world. We want to bring to life the types of work we like to see, ourselves, and that means taking things a little out of the box sometimes.

Join us in helping bring new and different work to the stage.

Stay weird, Vancouver!